INKAS® Security Services Announces Preferred Vendor Relationship With Canopy Growth Corporation

INKAS® Security Services Ltd., an armored messenger and armored courier services company specializing in cash management services, is pleased to announce its vendor relationship with Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) ­– a world-leading diversified cannabis company – whereby INKAS® will provide transportation services for medical marijuana across all Canopy Growth locations and subsidiaries.

The relationship between INKAS® and Canopy Growth Corporation sprouted in November of 2015 when INKAS® began servicing Tweed Inc., a subsidiary of CGC. In the years since, INKAS® has cultivated the relationship and is now the preferred vendor for all Canopy Growth subsidiaries.

With recent legislations passed by the Canadian Government regulating the distribution and sale of medical marijuana, INKAS® has strengthened its vendor relationship with Canopy Growth to provide secure transportation services to a market leader within the medical marijuana manufacturing sector. Through this relationship, INKAS® will introduce a new innovative line of 100%-custom secure transport vehicles in order to accommodate the transportation of marijuana in a completely protected and climate controlled environment maintaining necessary temperature and humidity levels.

“Becoming a preferred Vendor for Canopy Growth has been very exciting for us,” said Victor Goodman, President and CEO, INKAS® Security Services Ltd. “We’re ready to harness our unique ability to manufacture the best custom-built armored vehicles, and provide Canopy Growth Corporation with a form-fitted solution that’s truly one of a kind. This is just another example of INKAS® innovative thinking and nimble approach which ensures that customers’ needs are met to a tee.”

Working within Health Canada transportation regulations, INKAS® and Canopy Growth were able to work hand-in-hand creating a standard operating procedure that complies with and satisfies strict governmental policies in order to provide secured transportation while meeting required product storage specifications. With recent news of approval for up to 150 marijuana-dispensing LCBO locations to commence in July 2018, INKAS® has taken the opportunity to understand what will be required during this expansion process and intends to provide a one stop service for all vendors who require secure transportation services that are discreet, professional, and custom-tailored to the needs of the medical marijuana industry.