INKAS® Group of Companies celebrates 20-year anniversary milestone

INKAS® Group of Companies is celebrating its anniversary as a leading provider of integrated security solutions. On Saturday, February 27th, more than 350 guests, including INKAS® employees, clients and partners, representatives of the financial sector, governments, embassies and diplomatic missions as well as industry leaders gathered to celebrate the company’s 20th milestone year. Extensively investing in research and development, INKAS® has built a reputation as an innovative security industry leader. Today it continues to pioneer new technologies and products to assure security for people, as well as for vehicles, financial transactions and buildings.


“While other companies in our industry have been closing down, we have remained strong throughout challenges. We have not ceased operations or reduced our workforce but have been expanding instead,” says David Khazanski, CEO, INKAS® Group of Companies. “We are particularly proud of our diligent and talented employees who have always been at the core of our success. Today we are here to pay a special tribute to them, as well as to our loyal clients and business partners for their trust and contribution to our strength, continued growth and development.”


The event took place in the lavishly decorated Riviera Parque Banquet Hall in Vaughan where the guests enjoyed a night of live music, acrobatic performances, sound and light shows, orchestral accompaniment and dancing. Throughout the night, six bands were playing live music of different genres and styles featuring tribute acts to various artists.


The Employee of the Year winners were announced during the night in recognition of their outstanding efforts. In addition, each division manager presented the 2015 performance results and plans for the year ahead. 2015 was a remarkable year of business expansion for the company. INKAS® established new manufacturing facilities in different regions as well as acquired several companies around the globe. Other impressive results include the grand opening of a new facility and showroom in Toronto; expansion of INKAS® Security services into the Ottawa region; a new line of models, including the first-ever armored 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 and ten new additions to INKAS® limousine line.


INKAS® has grown to over two hundred employees and several offices in Canada, Nigeria, Colombia, Ghana, Spain and Azerbaijan. The INKAS-built and armored vehicles have been successfully protecting and saving lives of officers and civilians all over the globe. Over the past years, the company has been actively developing its own technologies to attain higher efficiency.
Today INKAS® is steadily strengthening its position and gaining industry leadership through implementation of innovative production methods, technologies and practices.


A brand-new upscale INKAS® facility opened in North York

On Tuesday, December 8, INKAS® Group of Companies held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the official opening of its new facility located at 3605 Weston Rd., Toronto. Manufacturers, business partners, media representatives and community leaders joined INKAS® to commemorate the event.

The new facility serves as an office space for over 200 Toronto-based employees, a manufacturing plant and the first and only armored vehicle showroom in Canada. As the vast majority of the company’s clientele and business is based outside of Canada, the state-of-the-art showroom was crafted with the intent to showcase armored vehicles to foreign guests visiting the facility.

“Our new facility is all about innovation. We are locating our offices under the same roof so that we can easily get the sales force, the production force and the engineers together to talk and make our products even more innovative and more competitive,” says Ret. Maj.-Gen. David Fraser, COO, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing. “This is an innovative facility that we are very proud of.”

Adriano Marcoccia, Administrative Assistant to Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, extended congratulations on behalf of the City of Toronto. Since 1993, INKAS® has dedicated time to involving Canadians into the global manufacturing business, bringing new jobs to Ontario and positioning Canada not only as a national operator but also as a recognized international manufacturer.

“Even though various INKAS® divisions and companies work on different things, we are all one big family and our greatest asset is our people. Without them, we are nothing and as we grow, we are looking to increase our family,” says David Khazanski, CEO, INKAS® Group of Companies.

Attendees had an opportunity to participate in a production facility tour and go behind the scenes of the largest armored vehicle manufacturer in North America. Over the past two decades, INKAS® has grown tremendously from a local cash-in-transit company to a world-renowned group of companies with business divisions including armored vehicle and safe manufacturing, metal fabrication, software development and more.

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Remembering Those Who Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice

Just over 100 years ago, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae wrote ‘In Flanders Field’ while serving in front lines at Ypres, Belgium. Those words, recited every year, remind all of us about the sacrifice our nation has given in the pursuit of peace. Since Canada’s inception over 116,000 Canadians have had their lives ‘taken’ so that the rest of us can live in peace. Families were forever changed and once a year we gather to remember them.


Canadians do not go out and seek glory as a nation or by in large as a people. We quietly work for the betterment of our nation and people in need. Men and women voluntarily chose to wear our nation’s uniform and serve to defend our country at home and abroad so that the rest of us can go about our lives without thinking about our security. Canadians are blessed with volunteers who give willingly of their time, service and recognition of the risk to do so. While they stand on guard, Canadians go about their lives without much thought. Only when the cause is such, has Canada leaned in when it was right to do so. The tragic events of last year with the killing of Cpl Cirillo and WO Vincent brought home the cost of freedom. Canada’s safety due to geography has been challenged.


INKAS® is a proud Canadian company. We are all from either immigrant families or immigrants ourselves. INKAS® embodies what it means to be Canadian. As we reflect on our own stories for freedom, let’s take time out today to remember not only the Canadians who fell for our country but soldiers from all countries who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country in the name of peace and freedom.


We are blessed today to take for granted the actions of others. Please remember them today and hug a soldier.


– Ret. Maj.-Gen David Fraser

INKAS® wins the Business Excellence Award in the Global Reach category

INKAS® Group of Companies is honoured to receive the Global Reach Business Excellence Award 2015 from Toronto Region Board of Trade. The company is recognized for the continued expansion of its international presence with profitable and sustainable growth in exports.


“We are proud to be an international leader in the security industry. Since 1993, we have managed to establish strong relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers all over the world and we will continue to demonstrate the best business practices,” says David Fraser, COO, INKAS® Group of Companies.


Toronto Region Board of Trade celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit, excellence, leadership and innovation. It acknowledges the brightest small and medium businesses for their achievements and considerable contributions to the Toronto region business community and the city’s economic prosperity.