INKAS® provides Cash in Transit and armoured car services to Federal, Provincial, Regional and Municipal Governments as well as businesses, merchants and institutions. The Company services some of the top retailers in the country. Services include the secured transportation of cash, cash equivalents, precious metals, precious stones, jewellery, art and artifacts, valuables, pharmaceuticals as well as sensitive and restricted materials. Within the realm of cash management services in Canada, INKAS® is seen as a leader with proven results.

Industry-Leading Security

INKAS® Cash In Transit division is comprised of hand-picked, highly-trained and capable personnel.

Nationwide Reach

INKAS® offers security solutions across North America. Armored Vehicle Manufacturing services are offered internationally.

Wide-range Capability

The INKAS® Academy trains and certifies armed personnel for application into the armed guard program.

Armed messenger services are provided in six-sided fully armoured unmarked vehicles. All vehicles are furnished with two safes, a fire extinguisher, GPS and CCTV system. All vehicles are equipped with a tracking device with real time monitoring. At any given time, backup vehicles are available with the same features.

All armed personnel are hand picked by Management and possess a police, law enforcement or private security background.


  • Successfully completes his/her course(s) at INKAS® Training Academy and receives top marks
  • Initially screened through an internal selection process
  • Successfully passes an extensive interview and his/her six months’ probation period
  • Provides proof of a clean driver’s abstract and criminal clearance record check
  • Successfully passes the “background check”
  • Is fully-licensed
  • Is compliant with all regulations set forth by the Ministry
  • Is physically fit (When applicable)
  • Is competent in using all technology based security components provided
  • Is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR




INKAS® offers armed security for the protection of valuables. Armed Security Services are typically intended for: trade shows, special events, jewelry stores, bank relocation transfers and valuables protection, escort and transport. All armed guards are required to train with live ammunition at a minimum three times per year and must re-qualify once per year for their ATC Certificate (Authorization to Carry a firearm). The Company adheres to and is governed by the policies and procedures set forth by the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario.


  • Extensive training of all personnel
  • Thorough and systematic supervision
  • The deployment of sophisticated technology
  • Support through the Command and Control Centre and accompanying software
  • Scheduling flexibility




Our guards will collect your daily cash deposits at pre-determined locations and times. We can store your cash in our vaults for a quick next-day transfer into your bank account and in some cases, we may be able to collect and deposit on a same-day basis. We have the capacity to settle cash deposits against your till print-outs, we can combine multiple deposits into one and change can be delivered to your business in tandem with cash collections.

When utilizing armed guard cash pickup services, businesses can expect to see a reduction in their insurance premiums while ensuring the ongoing safety of all employees. If your business requires daily deposits, the savings in time and travel can easily prove to be quite significant. Moreover, our services are fully-insured and by working with your specific requirements, we can effectively reduce risk and allow you to concentrate on running your business.