A Service Agreement is put in place that outlines the terms and conditions. A Company Representative will work closely with you to address specific needs. Location, time windows, pickup dates, contact information and values are discussed and defined in order to provide efficiency to the service.

Typically, the Company runs two and three person crews. Depending on the nature of the service, there could be more security personnel involved
All vehicles are fully armoured and manufacture by the INKAS® Armoured Manufacturing Division.
INKAS® utilizes several makes and models, including Mercedes Sprinters, Ford 550s and 650s.
INKAS® is one of a few companies in the industry that utilizes unmarked armoured vehicles. As we transport valuables, most of our fleet vehicles are unmarked. This is an extra layer of defense as our clients appreciate the discretion.
All the guards involved in armoured car and armed security carry firearms.
Most of our security personnel come from a law enforcement, police or security related background.
INKAS® services all Financial Institutions (big and small) and visits all Main Branches on a daily basis
All of our vehicles have a sophisticated GPS system.

INKAS® has numerous crews that service the Southern Ontario Region. The Company can simultaneously service multiple locations. Most crews are assigned to a geographical area, however, some crews are functional and service “Special” pickups and requests.

INKAS® operates 7 days a week in order to accommodate early morning as well as evening pickups.
INKAS® primarily services the Southern Ontario Region, however in certain instances has serviced, and will continue to service across Canada.
Yes, INKAS® offers a rental/lease of Safes, with the option of purchasing. All safes are manufactured and supplied through our Safes Division.
Yes, INKAS® offers coin processing and has adequate facility to accommodate extremely large volumes of coin. Processing involves sorting, counting, rolling, boxing, reporting, depositing and storage.
Yes, INKAS® provides cash consolidation and reconciliation for numerous clients. Once your proceeds arrive in our vaults, we count, bundle, verify, and prepare it for a deposit. We provide you with a detailed report and subsequently deposit your funds at your bank. We can do this for one or multiple locations, whether it is once per week or daily.
We can service you 7 days a week if needed.

Yes, your valuables are insured from the time we sign for it, to the time we deposit it at your bank (once a third party signs and accepts the proceeds).

Yes, INKAS® is an industry leader in the secured storage of precious metals, both refined and raw, cash, diamonds and gems, hardware, classified documents, jewellery, financial instruments, software, prototypes, sensitive materials, art and artifacts. We offer short and long-term vaulting solutions and can customize a secured storage solution to meet your needs.
Yes, INKAS® has extensive international liaisons for the secured transportation of valuables to many global destinations.
Yes, INKAS® provides various services at the airport twice per day, on average.
Yes, INKAS® fleet of armoured vehicles come in several sizes, thus providing the capability to accommodate and transport sensitive items.
Yes, INKAS® often bundles services for our clients offering discounts based on services required, volume and frequency.
Yes. INKAS® provides security personnel depending on the nature of your event. Our Representative will work with you closely to determine your needs and the levels of security required.
Yes, depending on the locations, we can provide this. INKAS® has a security guard presence across the Province in most major urban areas.